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Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf was founded to create ambitious, imaginative and relevant drama for the UK, US and global TV markets.  An independent scripted production company based in South Wales, London and Los Angeles, Bad Wolf is the result of over 15 years of creative collaboration between founders Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner and the production and creative community of Wales. 



Sefydlwyd Bad Wolf gyda’r bwriad o greu drama uchelgeisiol, greadigol a pherthnasol ar gyfer marchnadoedd teledu’r DU, yr Unol Daleithiau a’r farchnad fyd-eang. Cwmni cynyrchiadau sgriptedig annibynnol yn Ne Cymru, Llundain a Los Angeles yw Bad Wolf, a chanlyniad dros 15 mlynedd o gydweithio creadigol rhwng y sylfaenwyr Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner a chymuned gynhyrchu a chreadigol Cymru ydyw.

BAD WOLF Productions

BAD WOLF Productions

I Hate Suzie

Billie Piper stars in a bold, bracing, Sky original drama about the moment in life when the mask slips, asking if any of us can survive being well and truly ‘known’. Suzie Pickles (Piper) has her life upended when she is hacked and a photo of her emerges in an extremely compromising position.

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A Discovery Of Witches Season 2

Season 2  opens with Matthew (Matthew Goode) and Diana (Teresa Palmer) on the streets of Elizabethan London, where they are hiding in time from the Congregation. Here in Elizabethan London…

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Set in the cutthroat world of international finance as seen through the eyes of ambitious twenty-somethings struggling to secure their futures. It follows a group of young graduates competing for…

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