Cat Taylor

Cat graduated with a degree in War Studies from Kings College London before pursuing her love of great storytelling into the world of Film and TV. She has worked as a production co-ordinator for TV, department co-ordinator in Film as well as providing PA support for  award-winning actors, directors, producers, writers and Showrunners. She has worked internationally on projects for HBO, Miramax, Sony, TNT, Netflix, Sky, BBC, ITV and RTE. While on ‘Game of Thrones’ she authored the official Behind the Scenes guide for Seasons 3&4 and wrote the content for the travelling 2014 ‘Game of Thrones’ Exhibition that sold out in 8 countries.

Born in Sheffield, raised in Canada, Cat has moved over 30 times. She loved Dolly Parton before it was cool, listens to country music unironically and spends all her money on toys for her 20lb rescue cat Ozymandias (which he ignores).